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Ruling on the Siwaak

On the authroity of Abu Huraira;

The Messenger (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“If I didnt see it as being a problem on my nation (The Muslims), I would have commanded them to use the Miswak for every prayer.” — (agreed upon by Bukhari and Muslim)

Benefits extracted from the hadeeth:

  • The recommendation of using the siwaak and its virtue.
  • The affirmation of the fact that the usage of the siwaak is actually from the legislation of Islam.
  • The virtue of the wudoo and prayer that the siwaak is used for.
  • That the only thing that kept him from obligating its usage, is that he did not want it to be a hardship upon the Muslims.
  • To show the concern the Prophet (May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) had for the Muslims, and that he feared for them.
  • That the legislation is easy, and there is not found in it hardship.
  • That protecting from the bad things is placed before getting some benefit.

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  1. Beneficial Site,Elhamdulilah

    Comment by Lanise Umm Hanif | October 26, 2010 | Reply

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